April 14, 2017

A Hunt for the Perfect Handmade Vase

A good vase is a decorator’s best design tool. In fact, there’s no better way to spruce up your entryway, dinner table, or kitchen than with a bouquet of freshly cut flowers and your favorite handmade vase. As the perfect trick for an instant makeover, the right vase contains all the mystical styling powers of a personal home designer. This week, we’ve compiled a trio of beautiful handmade ceramic vases from our featured sellers Supple Vessel, Jodi Siegal Ceramics and Three Rays Pottery. Their simple, elegant shapes and natural finishes offer the perfect amount of versatility and timelessness.  

Designer ceramics company Supple Vessel is based in Manhattan, where creator Natalie Karl hand-throws her collection of vases, bowls, and pitchers. One of our personal favorites, the Montauk Capsule Vase, embodies the natural beauty of stoneware finished in a simple white glaze. Its artful surface reveals a playful line of unfinished stoneware to create a unique textured finish. We especially love the Montauk’s speckled surface and ample, rounded shape. From dark red roses to eucalyptus and ruffled pink peonies, this vessel looks absolutely perfect with any flora you choose to pair it with.

As another staple handmade vase in your home design cabinet, the Mellow Vase from Supple Vessel fuses speckled design with the elegance of a white choy glaze. We love its hourglass frame, which lends a tasteful touch to any space or handpicked bouquet.

Handmade Vase 1 - Montauk Handmade Vase 2 - Mellow

Jodi Siegal Ceramics offers a fresh new take on the handmade vase, drawing inspiration from victorian detailing and light pastel color palettes. Her pieces are slab-built by hand with precision and an eye for natural texture embossing. The 7-inch Victorian vase in moss is a perfect example of Jodi’s unique handmade style, and it adds a touch of delicate color to any cluster of blooms.

Handmade Vase 4- 7-inch Victorian vase Handmade Vase 5

Last but not least, the Tenmoku Vase from Three Ray’s Pottery is made with high-fire porcelain to create a sleek, refined shape with a glossy black-brown finish, also known as “tenmoku.” There is also a tint of gold, due to the process of slow cooling the glaze’s micro-crystals.. Its slightly narrower rim is excellent for smaller bouquets or a few stems that help highlight the display piece itself.

Handmade Vase 3- Tenmoku

There’s no better way to celebrate spring than with a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers and an elegant handmade vase. Check out these styles on our site, along with many other handmade ceramic pieces from our talented makers.

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