About Us

Propped was founded on the principle that finding beautiful and interesting cookware and tableware should be easy, devoid of long Internet searches and time-consuming visits to crowded flea markets and neighborhood retail stores. Likewise, sellers – both talented makers and collectors of vintage kitchen and dining goods – should be able to sell directly to people who love to cook.

With its marketplace concept, chat features, and parties (still in the works), Propped brings the food community together in commerce, creating new relationships and strengthening pre-existing bonds. In doing so, we’re doing our part to support economic opportunities for sellers, and create a better, easier, more enjoyable buying experience for all.

The Team

Introducing Team Propped. Based in New York City, our team is spread across the globe. We’re food lovers, design buffs, kitchen enthusiasts and admirers of all things handmade.


Jessica Fiorillo – Founder

Brand strategist, blogger, food community member; Jessica spent the early part of her career crunching numbers in a cubicle at Goldman Sachs. Later she joined the branding firm Lippincott, where she helped build some of the world’s most visible and iconic brands. She’s the author of the food blog “Feed Me Dearly” and is obsessed with all things kitchenware. She spends her free time ogling people’s pictures on Instagram and figuring out how to improve her avocado slicing skills. Jessica earned a BA from Brown University and an MBA from U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Strangest Food Eaten: Alligator

Best kitchen disaster: Pouring freshly-rinsed rice into a pan of hot oil and setting off a July 4th-worthy fireworks show.


Sonia Shams – Marketing and Strategy

Digital marketing strategist, project manager, SEO nerd; After her graduation from Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Business, Sonia became the Marketing Director of a startup SEO agency in Atlanta. After successfully growing the company and becoming a partner, she reaffirmed her commitment to startups and joined Propped as Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy. When she isn’t working, she mentors young, aspiring entrepreneurs. She enjoys being outdoors and traveling – hanging out at the beach, going for a hike or dancing her face off, in no particular order.

Strangest Food Eaten: Frog legs

Favorite Cuisine: French

Best kitchen disaster: Accidentally grabbing the salt instead of sugar and using it in a batch of brownies. Eek!


Lucy Lu, Controller

Originally from San Francisco, Lucy moved to New York City while working for Twitter in the mobile ads team. With 8 years of startup tech experience, her unique background and passion for startups had created a special blend of skills in mobile applications and SAAS development. She also supports green initiatives and fiercely believes that environmental issues can be improved one person at a time.

Strangest Food Eaten: Insect snacks!

Favorite Cuisine: Vietnamese

Best kitchen disaster: Burned a batch of goji berries in the oven, while trying to dehydrate them.


Maurisa Hale, Customer Service and Admin

Maurisa graduated from the University of New Hampshire with her B.A. in Communication, after which point she moved to upstate New York. She joined Propped in January 2017 and has previous experience in property management and human resources. When she’s not working, you can find her knitting or hiking with her German Shepherd, Otto.

Strangest Food Eaten: Elk Tongue

Favorite Cuisine: Indian

Best kitchen disaster: Attempting to make a barbecue stew and using Frank’s Red Hot instead of barbecue sauce.


Laura Dolgy – Social Media Manager

Laura started her career as a Publicity and Promotions Assistant in the film industry. After business school she made the switch to digital marketing where she now works on social media campaigns and all things SEO. When she’s not working, she’s an avid Netflix fan and loves to eat candy and drink cider, not always at once.

Strangest Food Eaten: Dragon’s Beard Candy

Favorite Cuisine: Indian or Middle Eastern

Best kitchen disaster: Whipping buttercream frosting with a hardened stick of butter (because impatience) and having it end up on the wall.


Emily Stokes – Content Production

Emily is the writer and creative force behind all of the written content at Propped. She received her MFA in Writing in 2013 and is always on the hunt for creative ways to engage an audience. When she’s not working, you can usually find her making things, scouting handmade brands, or trying out a new recipe.

Strangest Food Eaten: Raw oysters. By some standards it’s weird, but apparently not in this food community!

Favorite Cuisine: Greek

Best kitchen disaster: Overfilling the bread pan with batter and seeing the aftermath of a baking volcano take place in my oven.


Paolo Cipriano – Operations

In his final year at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Paolo’s the Operations backbone at Propped, managing everything from shipping to inventory management. He’s a world traveler, having spent two of the last three years in London and Shanghai exposing his taste buds to foods of all kinds. He’s a social activist, hoping one day to change the world. In his downtime you can find him combing through music blogs and reading the latest Game of Thrones novel.

Favorite Cuisine: Japanese

Best kitchen disaster: Thinking that a nice salmon dinner would be a good way to initiate a new apartment, but instead having the entire building’s fire alarm go off. Oops.

Our vision is to be the world’s favorite destination for well-crafted, beautiful and unique kitchen & dining goods. Our mission is to make the process of buying and selling local, artisan, vintage and otherwise hard-to-find tableware and cookware fun, social, easy, and inspired.