May 26, 2017

The Best of Baking Utensils: Must-Have Tools for Your Kitchen

A devoted baker knows the true value of good baking utensils and accessories. Good baking tools can save time, prevent kitchen catastrophes, and delight your sense of efficiency. From spatulas and scrapers to ovenware, we’ve collected some of our favorite pieces fromThe Wooden PalateGIR: Get It Right, Nest Homeware, and Stacy Howell to inspire your baked creations!

First and foremost, bakers should have a rolling pin that’s easy on the hands and useful in any doughy situation. This The Hive Rolling Pin from the Wooden Palate offers a minimalist solution to your large-batch bakes, so you can roll out your dough efficiently and in style with a heavy-duty item that you’ll use for many years to come.

Baking Utensils 7

From the kitchen goods design studio GIR: Get It Right, this silicone baking mat in teal makes your baked goodies pop! As a piece that’s both fun and practical, this nonstick mat helps your culinary creations turn out just right—and it’s especially fun with colorful treats like macarons. It’s heat-resistant up to 550° degrees Farenheit, which makes this baking tool equally safe for candy-making and roasting veggies or fries.

Pair your GIR baking sheet with the matching skinny spatula in teal, which is perfect for getting the last of the batter out of your mixing bowls or reaching into the bottoms of your tall jars. Its one-piece construction means that cleaning this particular baking utensil is super easy, and you won’t have to worry about the usual dilemma of having to quick dry your wood-handled tool (or for that matter, rusting it!)

Baking Utensils 2 Baking Utensils 3

When it comes to downright adorable ovenware pieces, the 4.5-inch cast iron egg pans from Nest Homeware are designed for oven-to-table single serving. Whether you’re planning for a special date, girls night, or casual brunch, these small cookware items are incredibly versatile. Each comes with a unique handle inspired by the natural textures of twigs and branches, making your next oven-baked cookie skillet all the more enticing.

Baking Utensils 6

As another bold piece of iconic ovenware, the 10-inch red Bundt pan from Stacey Howell Imagery marks the height of pre-loved perfection. These collectible pieces are also highly functional, lending value to the coveted design. Its vaulted cathedral sides and bright color add style to any baking situation, whether you’re actively using it or simply displaying this piece on your shelves.

Baking Utensils 4

There you have it, folks—the grand selection of Propped-approved baking utensils! Pick up your favorites today to begin your next expertly planned Sunday baking session, or replace your old worn tools with a new design that’s made to simplify your kitchen life. So many of these items do double duty in the realm of everyday cooking (like the silicone spatula and baking sheet) that you’ll be able to experience the full range of uses with each piece you select.

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