April 28, 2017

Brewing in Style: Coffee & Tea Accessories

Whether you’re gearing up for your workday or enjoying a leisurely weekend brunch at home, we know that a perfectly brewed cup can unleash your creative potential, spark meaningful conversations, or grant you a moment of mindfulness. Around the world, tea and coffee accessories serve as important parts of cultural brewing traditions, uniting all of us in our shared love of a warm, freshly brewed cup. Even in our everyday modern routines, these thoughtful pieces give us the opportunity to create our favorite drinks exactly the way we like them. This week, we’re bringing you some of our favorite brewing accessories from Palais des Thés, Peach Bottom Pottery, Slip Clayware, and Jars of Dust.

As a leading name in the world of luxury tea accessories, Palais des Thés understands the wide-ranging importance of tea and its many lovely benefits. Their double-walled glass French press teapot is a striking example of sleek design that produces delicious results: its fully transparent base looks particularly pretty on your morning breakfast table and helps you achieve your desired brew strength. For a more traditional piece, try the Hikari Japanese porcelain teapot, which brews just enough tea for two.

Coffee Accessories 2

When it comes to coffee accessories, connoisseurs know that a top-notch pour over is second to none. This handmade sweet bean pour over and matching small stoneware mug from Peach Bottom Pottery are the perfect way to enjoy your morning brew.

Coffee Accessories 4 Coffee Accessories 3

As another added benefit, this dynamic brewing duo can be paired with reusable cotton coffee filters from Natural Linens for a sustainable, electricity-free twist on your usual morning cup. Use this set on your next camping trip or backyard brunch for the ultimate outdoor brewing experience. If you’re enjoying coffee with a loved one, you can also add this caramel white mug and white creamer from Jars of Dust to your outdoor tabletop.

Coffee Accessories 5 Coffee Accessories 6

If you love espresso, a large mug just won’t do. Enter stage left: this petite basalt espresso cup in white from Slip Clayware. Each tiny sipping vessel comes hand-thrown with its own little delicate handle, perfect for dainty lifting and small bursts of energy. Another handmade item from this maker, the tepal spoon in green lets you scoop your beans or espresso grinds in style. Both espresso-themed coffee accessories share a natural flecked stoneware finish for added style and coherence.

Coffee Accessories 7 Coffee Accessories 8

No matter what your brewed beverage of choice, our extensive collection of coffee and tea accessories help make your brewing experience tastier and even more stylish. Enhance your next delicious outdoor breakfasts with a pour over and mugs, whether you’re camping or enjoying the backyard view. Make afternoon teatime extra-special with an elegant loose-leaf teapot and coordinating mugs. Take your espresso enjoyment to the next level with tiny espresso cups and special scoops or spoons. Whatever you do, make sure you take time to enjoy the little things, embrace the quite moment, and—as always—sip with purpose.

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