April 21, 2017

Earth Day Challenge + Eco-Conscious Kitchenware

This Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day, which means it’s time to rekindle or begin your commitment to reducing household waste, shopping locally, and using biodegradable washable home products. You can also celebrate eco-conscious living by participating in the official Propped Earth Day Challenge.

To participate, complete two of the three criteria below:

1) Cook With Only Local Ingredients. The colorful array of fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market always dazzles us, especially when we know they have been freshly picked from the farm. The essence of Earth Day is to cherish the sweet ingredients that nature provides. When you buy local ingredients, you are also reducing the carbon footprint of delivering food. New York City’s Union Square is world-famous for their capacity and variety. They have strict rules that limit how far the produce can travel and ingredients must be locally sourced. In addition, you are supporting local farmers and artisans!

2) Use Eco-Conscious Home Essentials. Swap out something in your home that might be creating a lot of waste and clutter! For example, switch from paper towels to cotton linens, or from plastic utensils to durable cutlery. Other items to consider are reusable coffee filters, reusable tea bags, or natural fiber linens. When you switch away from disposable products, you reduce the carbon emission that is used to produce the product and deliver it, as well as water to clean the raw material, chemicals to treat the product, and more. In other words, the ecological benefits of buying washable items outweigh any water usage issues.

Earth Day 3

3) Create Zero Waste For The Day. Create zero landfill waste by using eco-conscious products. Consider bringing your own cup to the juice bar or coffee shop. Instead of using plastic bags, bring a reusable tote bag to shop or reusable carrying containers like this culinary tote from Aplat. You can also avoid using disposable paper goods by substituting items like these linen napkins from ember+moss. Other ways to divert waste are to recycle and compost. Zero waste has become a trendy topic in the world of eco-conscious living. Americans on average create 4.3 pounds of waste everyday; that’s equivalent to 30.1 pounds per week!

Earth Day 4

If you’re looking for more products to add to your eco-conscious kitchen, check out our blog post right here on Planet Propped: Eco-Friendly Materials: A New Trend in Handmade Goods, which features sustainable textiles from MINNA, Dot + Army, and Beautiful Ingredient.

Earth Day 7 Earth Day 8

In the meantime, let us know how you did with the Earth Day Challenge on Instagram! Tag us @getpropped to share your creative ways of living sustainably.

Lucy Lu, Green living and avid for circular economy at theforestedition.com