June 16, 2017

Free-Spirited Design: Imaginative Makers & Colorful Goods

Minimalism has an important place in our hearts, but so too does the playful, the experimental—the aspects of design that are wildly free. This week, we’ve chosen to highlight several makers whose handmade goods capture the vibrant nature of free-spirited design  through their use of color and inventive texture. From the natural landscape of the Midwest to the peaceful surroundings of Martha’s Vineyard and excitement of NYC,this trio of designers will leave you feeling delightfully unfettered.

From paper goods to home kitchen textiles, Andria Green’s bold, colorful patterns and Shibori prints represent her unique creative signature. Based in Melrose Park, Illinois, Andria considers herself a lifelong artist with many creative passions. Her love of the natural world and joy for creating distinctive prints shine through each and every piece she creates. Her block printed creations begin with a free-hand sketch, which she then hand-carves into the wooden stamp that she uses to create her eco-friendly fabrics. We love her imaginative printed tea towels and tie-dye inspired shibori styles.

Free-Spirited Designs 1

Based out of NYC, ceramicist Jodi Siegal brings playful pastels and swirling color palettes into the world of pottery design. From gold-rimmed plates for embossed trinket bowls, Jodi’s collection is filled with precious finds. One of our favorite marbled glazes mimics the calming appearance of a blue summer sky with wisps of clouds passing by. Jodie recreates this same marbled look in other colors, like pale pink, lavender, and light tangerine to create one-of-a-kind mugs, plates, bowls, and saucer sets. Whether you’re sipping a morning latte or serving up a scoop of homemade sorbet, these colorful pieces like this 7″ Victorian Vase have a uniquely serene appearance.

Free-Spirited Designs 2

As a cohort in the colorful world of ceramics, Leslie Freeman works from her studio in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts to create classic pieces with unique colorful finishes. Her signature opaque “wash” glaze adds a playful and luminous feel to her all of her work. We’re especially in love with her two-toned plates and bowls, which are color-blocked with matching light blue interiors and rainbow exteriors. Leslie’s love of food, nature, and travel inspire the vibrant colors and elegant crackling finishes of her pottery.

Free-Spirited Designs 3 Free-Spirited Designs 4

From bright, playful colors to creative textures and shapes, these makers capture the essence of soulful, spirited design. Their pieces share a certain zest for life that bring with them a contagious sort of joy.

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