August 22, 2016

Handmade world: Two-Toned Ceramics

The rising popularity of ceramics in kitchenware has been the trend to watch over the past years. We’ve seen fads come and go, but it’s time to say goodbye to monocolor! A two-toned trend is taking shape and we’re on board for the ride.

The most popular color combos tend to be neutral: white and beige or black and white. We’ve also discovered the two toned trend in woodwork, as well the occasional vibrant color combo, such as spoons with pops of cerulean blue or cherry red.

Farmhouse Pottery exists at the romantic crossroads of ceramics-making and farm-to-table living. Based in Woodstock, VT, husband and wife duo Zoe and James Zillian are leading the trend in two-tone glazing, inspiring dozens of up-and-coming brands to join the two-color world. Their work is classic and neutral – the perfect foil for a range of kitchen items, from simple floral displays to colorful berries. Our favorite piece from Farmhouse is the cheese stone, which can be used for both prep and serving.


Arrow + Sage is another producer that we’ve had our eye on. Maker and owner Anna Eaves is a self-taught potter with a background in fine art and photography. From her studio in Raleigh, NC, Eaves produces pieces that reflect a contemporary, modern aesthetic, while playing with neutrals, bold colors and textures. Our favorite is her gold (and bold) Arches Mug no. 2 in White.

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Now that we’ve hopefully piqued your interest in two-toned ceramics, we encourage you to try your hand at ceramics making! With the rising popularity of ceramic classes, pottery making has become the go-to hobby for the stressed and the creatively-inspired alike. Whether you’re working with a wheel or hand-throwing your pieces, we’ve broken down a few reasons to give clay work a chance:

  • Relieves stress and tension: Forget your typical stress relief ball; get dirty relieving tension through pinching and coiling.
  • Flex your creative muscle: Working a piece from beginning to end lets you play with a host of shapes, colors and textures, exercising the often-neglected right side of your brain.
  • More kitchenware: Build a collection, impress your friends and fill out your kitchen cabinet.


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