January 23, 2017

Eco Friendly Materials: A New Trend in Handmade Goods

It takes a special skill set to create beautiful handmade objects, but it takes a little something extra to do so while maintaining a strong commitment to your values—and these makers do just that.

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on three featured makers who have built their brand around eco friendly materials sourcing and conscious design while striking the perfect balance between simplicity and sumptuous materials. From the southern heartland to the east and west coasts, this wide-reaching maker trio has captured the true essence of what it looks like to weave a meaningful life.

Based out of Red Hook, New York, MINNA is a textile brand built around a simple, heirloom aesthetic and a conscious view of ethical production. Owner Sara Berks has built an international “cottage industry” by partnering with artisans in Guatemala, Mexico, and Uruguay to preserve the craft of loom weaving and help sustain small communities around the world. For this reason, each of the incredible textiles MINNA produces carries with it an unspoken message of interconnectivity, altruism, and creativity. The light, airy colors of the MINNA kitchen textile collection capture the buoyancy of the brand’s mission, making each strand and fiber all the more beautiful. Some of our favorites include the Lago Stripe Towel and Shapes Towel in Green, both of which help bring a sense of the global community—and its craftsmanship—into your home. Their all-cotton eco friendly materials are sustainably sourced and grow softer with each washing.

Eco Friendly Materials - Minna

Our next maker, Beautiful Ingredient, is based out of Bainbridge Island off the coast of Washington State. The owner and founder, Kari, began sewing napkins from eco friendly materials in hopes of reducing waste from her daughter’s lunchbox. The lovely heathered, pebbly quality of this collection’s fabrics are in a class all their own. We especially love the Heathered Granite Napkins, which come in several different edging colors to suit your tastes and tablescapes. As a leader in conscious product creation, Beautiful Ingredient delivers elegant designs that are, quite literally, created with the utmost care for both the individual and the greater community.

Eco Friendly Materials - Beautiful Ingredient

On top of this particular sustainable design sundae, the Dot + Army collection includes a wide selection of reusable organic cloth napkins. Named after owner Jennifer‘s maternal grandparents, this brand carries deep roots in the natural and familial world. Each item was born out of Jennifer’s own desire to create a healthy, practical space for her children while also reducing global waste and therefore creating a better world. Her Unpaper Towels and Reusable Snack Bags are not only charming and fun to use, but also representative of her own care for our planet.

Eco Friendly Materials - DotArmy

So there you have it—a roundup filled with all that life is truly about: creating beautiful things, loving the planet, and caring for the people we share it with.

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Eco Friendly Materials - DotArmy2