November 29, 2016

Handmade Designers, Architects & Artists

With dual focus on the technical and aesthetic world, it’s no wonder that makers formally trained in art and design can produce beautiful handmade kitchenware. Based on the concepts of line-work, structure, and practical use, this week’s makers capture the heart of elegant minimalism and create beautiful, detail-oriented pieces. Let’s meet a few of our favorite handmade designers, including Miro Made This, Draw + Co., and Amy Grigg.

As the creative direction behind Miro Made This, ceramicist Miro Chun brings her experience of architecture into the world of pottery. Her classic design training informs much of her work, allowing Chun to think more broadly about the structure of her pieces and their everyday applications. Her stoneware and porcelain dishes are almost deceptively simple in shape and finish, lending each piece an effortless sense of refinement and pared-down aesthetic.

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Each piece from Miro Made This offers its own modern take on the dining experience, and Chun’s unique business model allows her to experiment with “study” pieces (stand-alone creative test pieces) as well as unified collections. This offers customers an eclectic, authentic grouping of pieces to choose from and allows for creative pairings.

Designer Traci Ward of Draw + Co. works from beneath the palm trees in Austin, Texas to create stunning handmade designs. Her creations are based on the principles of color, texture, and form—expanding the design possibilities of neutral hues and bright pops of well-placed color.

Ward also experiments with hand-painting techniques to create unique microtextures that mimic the timeworn patina of a treasured vintage dish. She mixes sanded textural accents with smooth glazes to create artful designs that are tactile in nature.

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Last but not least, wood artist Amy Grigg makes incredible, timeless wooden pieces that are equally suited to the kitchen or living room. Part display piece, part functional item, each bowl, board, and utensil shows Grigg’s attention to detail and affinity for rich textures. Grigg received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Paier College of Art, after which she brought her aesthetic training into the realm of product design. Her adventurous, creative spirit shines through every handmade design—from her use of mixed finishes and materials to her ability to re-think traditional items.

One such example of Grigg’s fresh conceptual design is the black walnut pour over, which taps into the culture of single-serve brewing and remakes a classic kitchen item. The natural finish of her wooden mug-top brewer adds a beautiful, earthy texture to your morning coffee and celebrates the joy of a well-made piece. Grigg also recommends adding a pinch of salt to your grounds before pouring in order to enhance and complicate the flavor notes of your wood-brewed coffee.

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It’s clear that the realm of handmade kitchen designs has reaped some major benefits from multi-skilled creative and design-world crossovers.

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