Product + Photography Guidelines

Our goal is to build a marketplace that our customers love to shop. Propped is an antidote to marketplaces that don’t have the food community in mind – sites where you have to spend hours wading through product listings that aren’t relevant, or showcase poorly-shot, dimly-lit images.

We’ve developed a set of guidelines that will help steer our sellers in the right direction.

If your application to sell on Propped is declined, we’ll explain our reasoning and you’re always welcome to reapply.

Product guidelines:

Product: We’re celebrating a range of makers and products – from linens and textiles to glassware, ceramics and cookware. We support anything that you can fit in a kitchen cabinet. We do not accept the posting of items that aren’t moveable – the kitchen cabinets themselves, countertops, lighting, etc.
Design: Our brand supports tasteful, modern designs that showcase food in the best light possible. Though we may fall in love with your splashy and colorful tableware, cookware and linens, they may be a little too splashy for the site and our brand’s aesthetic.

Photography guidelines:

Lighting and White Balance: We prefer daylight (or a source that approximates daylight); take care to avoid overexposure or underexposure and/or indoor shots with a strong yellow cast.
Composition: Please provide both a top-down and profile view so that all angles of the product can be seen clearly; Take care to avoid a distracting foreground/background.
Focus: Photos should be clear and sharp.
• Styling and scale: Unless the product is extremely well shot as a standalone product and merits being showcased on its own, one or more of the images must be shown with the object styled/in scene. Be creative, toss in a strawberry, a couple of blueberries, show your hands – this doesn’t have to be a complicated shot – but do what you can to help our customers understand that when you say “12-inch platter”, you mean a vehicle for fruit salad, not their Thanksgiving turkey.
Portrait: Photos must be shot in portrait style and uploaded right side up.