January 16, 2017

Serving Trays & Platters: The Best Handmade Pleasures for Your Kitchen

Whether we’re hosting cocktail hour, sharing hors d’oeuvres, or delivering breakfast in bed, our favorite serving trays and platters do so much more than serve us. They help simplify our prep process and remind us to treat ourselves to the little (and important) things that life has to offer. From teatime to bath-side sipping, the tray so often becomes a sidekick to relaxation, long conversations, and delicious evening treats. From subtle metallic details to one-piece wooden wonders, this trio of tray makers has a little something for everyone.

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Ryan Silverman and Eileen O’Dea, The Wooden Palate offers a selection of handmade products made from rich hardwoods as well as unique reclaimed materials. Their unique designs bring a refined sense of warmth into every room while maintaining a modern appearance. One of our favorites, the Jean Tray, features a sleek black walnut body with minimalist brass handles. Its simple lines and flat surface make it perfectly suited for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and even side table displays.

Serving Trays - Wooden Palate Serving Trays - Nershi

As another leader in the world of handmade, the Nershi Woodworks collection includes pieces made from bocote, cherry, and walnut—from spreading knives to plates and boards, all of which feature rounded edges and classic shaping. Many of their pieces, like the Black Walnut Cutting Board, are locally sourced from upstate New York. This local connection, simple board shaping, and warm natural tones make these treasured items perfect for serving or display.

Last but not least, the brother-sister duo at Vestige Home produces beautiful handmade wooden pieces from their studios in Philadelphia and Oakland. Some of our favorites, like the Small Round Walnut Board and Spalted Sycamore Round Board are perfect for single-serving snacks and sandwiches. They also work wonderfully as cupcake or cookie servers, or for indulging in healthy snacks like apple and pear slices.

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After a long week, there’s nothing as satisfying as arranging your favorite snacks on a handmade wooden platter, or serving your closest companions an array of cheeses and chocolates. These lovely handmade boards are full of character and warmth, adding a cozy farmhouse quality to your serving accessories. To care for your serving trays and wooden boards, hand-wash and dry them after each use. Oil them regularly with a few drops of mineral oil or another food-grade cutting board conditioner.

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