October 24, 2016

Spoon Love: Wooden Kitchen Utensils from Our Favorite Makers

With the spotlight on creative plates, bowls, and serving dishes, it’s easy to forget about the little guys. Truth is, good style is always in the details, and your choice of kitchen utensils can completely reinvent the way you cook or set a table. For soups, coffee, spices, and more, the spoon is a playful and practical tool that’s easy to love—especially if it’s handmade. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide for our favorite makers to bring you the best handmade spoons from Hand & Fire, Hope in the Woods, and Annemieke Boots Ceramics. Their food-safe utensils add a special touch to group gatherings, food serving, and everyday meal prep — and did we mention that they’re downright gorgeous?

In her hometown of Portland, Oregon, Hand & Fire shop owner Sage Cortez uses locally sourced materials to create elegant kitchen utensils and dinnerware. As part of her signature style, Cortez uses mixed materials to create a balance of rugged and polished details. For example, her Full Gold Shine serving spoon features a walnut hardwood handle and handmade ceramic spoon head, which is then dipped in 22-karat gold. You heard that right. Cortez uses similar design techniques with her gold-rimmed ceramic spoon and spotted gold spoon.

Each spoon comes with high, curved sides and a deep scoop-like head for easy serving of coffee, tea, sugar, and other seasonings. The larger ceramic serving spoons offer stylish solutions to doling out portions of quinoa, rice, vegetables, and other tasty shared dishes.

Full Gold Shine, Ceramic, & Walnut Spoon from Hand and Fire in bowl of sugar Large Ceramic & Walnut Serving Spoons from Hand and Fire Being Used to mix food in bowl

We adore the Hand & Fire collection for its pared-down look and primal beauty. The creative use of shiny and matte finishes adds texture to each piece and makes for easy pairing with your existing dishware. Plus, each item is one-of-a-kind, so you curate your own personalized look.

Across the pond, UK-based designer Luke Hope is the creative mastermind behind the Hope in the Woods collection, which is full of beautiful handmade spoons. From scoops and long stems to delicate sugar spoons, Hope’s wooden kitchen utensils are finished with food-safe beeswax and mineral oil for safe use and preservation. Varying hues of beech wood, walnut, and sycamore boost the natural elements in your home kitchen.

4 Hope in the Woods Long Stem Spoons Hope in the Woods Branch Spoon placed next to green leaf

Last but certainly not least, Annemieke Boots Ceramics in Amsterdam, Netherlands brings us a wonderful assortment of ceramic goods—including her perfectly dappled ceramic spoons. Each spoon is finished with a soft, neutral glaze to accentuate the natural texture of the stoneware clay. The unique handmade quality of the piece means that every utensil has slight variations in shape and surface, making them even more special.

ceramic spoons from annemieke ceramic spoon from annemieke

Whether you’re serving a group of friends, setting the table, or simply stirring your morning coffee, these gorgeous handmade scoops and spoons add a boost of personality to your kitchen setup. From hand-carved wooden tools to ceramic beauties, the permutations of mix-and-match options are endless. We hope that you’ll have as much fun with spoons and scoops as we do!

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